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Roofing is a crucial aspect of a building. It does not matter if you are doing renovations or you are building a new home. The roofing is worth all the attention you give it because it improves its aesthetics when done well. Taking a look at roofs of Biloxi buildings, you find out that a wide range of materials used In the construction of the roofs. These include wood, asphalt, and composite shingles. Some even make use of slate, concrete, and clay tiles.

There are so many factors that influence the choices of house roofing for house owners. One crucial factor for this is style. Homeowners want their building to have a beautiful aerial view, and the primary way to do this is by choosing a befitting roof for the building. Other factors include Product cost, material weight, and installation requirements.

There is more to the factors already mentioned in a bid to choose the right roof for a building. Let’s see what it takes to make the right choice of roof for your building project.

Building a roof
Roofing Terms

If you want to understand how to choose the right roof for your building project, the type of material is not the first thing you have to worry about. Instead, you need to understand first the terms relating to it.

Measurement is critical when determining the type and quantity of roofing to be used. While describing the area of the roofs, roofers talk about “square feet.” They prefer to do their measurement in squares. Fundamentally, a square is the basic unit of measure (one square is 100 square feet in area). this is equal to a 10-foot by 10-foot square.

building a house from scratch
A sneak-peak into the cost of a New Roof

Many factors generally influence the cost of a new roof. It is essential to know how many roofs are sold. However, there are other things to consider in the costing process. If you are only doing repairs on an existing building, the present state of the old roofing must be considered. You need to find out if it is still suitable for the project or it has to be replaced as well. It is clear that replacing the support system will amount to an additional cost of project execution.

One other thing to be considered is the shape of the roof. If you are dealing with a gable roof with little or no breaks in its planes (such as chimneys, vent pipes, dormers, etc.) Then, you are in for a simple job.

On the other hand, a house with multiple chimneys, intersecting rooflines, turrets, skylights, or other elements will cost significantly more to the roof than the conventional one.

Getting familiar with Roofing Materials

Most likely, you have seen a roofing material you like on the roof of a building somewhere before now, and you have plans to make use of the same material in your roofing project. While it is a good thing to have an idea, it is essential to note that not every roofing material can be used on every roof.

For example, if the roof’s configuration is flat and low in terms of slope, the suitable roof type for the project will be different from that of one with a steeper pitch.

The strength of the building also matters. Buildings that are not so strong won’t go well with roofing materials like slate and tile because they are quite heavy. Once you weigh these facts concerning what your building looks like, you can then talk to your roofer and make an estimate based on your roof type choice. Now, let’s see what some of the roof types look like.


A look at Biloxi shows that many homeowners make use of asphalt for their roofing. Several factors could be responsible for this. it could be because it is not so expensive and easy to install.,

This roof type is made of a fiberglass source infused with asphalt. In other to make it look attractive to the eyes, the surface is designed to look like sand granules. Asphalt roofing is of two basic types

The standard single-thickness

The Thicker laminated products

The first variety costs around half the later; this is a cheaper option. However, laminated shingles have an appealing textured appearance that makes up for its relatively expensive pricing. That is not all; it lasts for an extended period when compared to the former. It can be up and running for 25 years or more while the thicker, laminated products are estimated to last for 15 years.


This is an ancient choice. Modern technology brought about other options, but it never really went away. Usually, its life expectancy is about 25 years, but its cost is quite high.

wooden roof

Metal roofing comes in the form of aluminum, steel, and copper. They are quite durable and expensive. While some are manufactured as shingles, others are designed to be used for seamed roofs consisting of vertical lengths of metal that are connected via the use of solder.

a blue house with metal roof
Tile and Cement

There is no concrete indication that this type of roofing is common in Biloxi. One thing we know about this roof type is that it is likely to have its origin from Spain. This is because the half cylinders of tile roofing are conventional on Spanish Colonial and Mission styles. Also, this style of roofing has been integrated into cement and some metal roofs. We can see this in the wavy effect on this roofing type. Although expensive, you can be sure it is quite durable.


These are enough tips to make an informed decision on the type of roofing you want to use for a roofing project. However, it would be best if you brainstormed with your roofer to augment your ideas with their experience. Once you can do this, you can be sure to install roofing that is pleasing to the eyes and durable at the same time.

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There are quite a several roofing systems being adopted by house owners in Biloxi for these materials, such as asphalt, wood, metal, and tile. Of this variety, metal roofing seems to be one of those with a widespread preference. Needless to say, not every house owner fancies metal roofing. We understand that people like or dislike this roofing type for one reason or the other. This only shows that it has some advantages to offer and at the same time, it has some disadvantages associated with it.

If you are considering buying metal roofing for your home, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of metal roofing. Therefore, let’s go on a journey to explore the advantages and disadvantages of using metal roofing for your preferred choice of a roof for your building project.

metal roofing with sky reflection
Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing sheets are ahead of other conventional roofing materials when we consider several factors.

Resistance to fire. 

Regarding the materials used in its manufacturing process, metal roofs are non-combustible. In terms of fire resistance, they are one of the most rated building materials generally. However, it is essential to note that the materials used along with the metal roofing sheets are of utmost importance, too, if the advantage must be leveraged. You can’t raise the roof with wood and expect it to work wonders if there is a fire incident.


Of all the materials used for roofing, metals seem to be the ones with the lowest weight. Most varieties run from 50 to 150 pounds per square; that is a big difference compared to other roofing materials in the tile’s category.

The lightness in weight of metal roofs helps engineers in charge of the construction worry less about designing a support structure for the roofing weight. This saves the project funder of some costs as they won’t need much roof support members while executing the project.

In case the project is only a renovation process that requires a change of roofs, there are specific types of metal roofing materials that can be installed over an existing roof without the need for tear-off or additional structural support. If one of the severe windstorms that happen within the year in Biloxi gets our building roofs off, you can get them fixed as soon as possible. Building contractors with vast experience can help you install these quickly within a day or two.

Minimum roof pitch.

Many of the metal roofing materials available in the United States can be set up on gently pitched roofs without having to deal with leakage issues after the project is completed. Knowing that you won’t have to grapple with little problems with your roof now and then is enough ginger for anyone to make it a preferred choice of roof for their building project.

Thorough shedding of rain and snow.

Apart from shading from the sun, the other primary reason why roofing is needed or Metal roofing is required in a building is to make sure rain and snow runoff it effectively. Metal roofing is impervious to rain and snow because of the way the panels interlock. In addition to that, the surfaces are hard and slippery, making the show and water runoff at a fast rate. The conducting nature of the metal roofing also aids the melting of the snow during the short winter period experienced in Biloxi within a calendar year.

Some disadvantages of installing a metal roof

It was earlier mentioned that metal roofing offers many advantages as well as some disadvantages. Here are some of the challenges metal roof users are likely to grapple with.

It is a happy Heat conductor.

On sunny days, you might not like the effect of metal roofing on your home. It readily conducts heat and makes the home hot, especially if you do not have relevant gadgets such as an air conditioner to check this. This can be a huge source of discomfort at these times. Although heat is not much of an issue in Biloxi, you can’t help the occurrence of really sunny days once in a while during the summer.

Metal Roof can be very expensive.

This is one of the biggest worries of homeowners with respect to metal roofs as a choice of roofing sheets. Taking a look at the cost of Metal roofing, it is on the same level as other premium materials. All other elements (such as asphalts) look delightful to the eyes, so this quality puts them ahead of roofers in the ranking of physical appeal. 

However, homeowners who chose metal roofs take solace in its long-term durability and other qualities. They believe they will save more on the long term basis as they will tend to do less maintenance on the metal roof option.

It makes too much noise during a downpour.

Due to the nature of the material, metal roofs can be noisy when the rain is falling. While other options don’t exactly sound quiet under rainy conditions but the noise coming from metal roofs can be so disturbing that people could find it hard to communicate inside the house.

Leaking tendencies.

If not installed correctly, it is only a matter of time before metal roofs start leaking. This is very common when roofs with exposed fasteners are present in the shelter set up. When the screws that are supposed to be fixed to overlapping and raised edges go through the flat surfaces, leakage will definitely happen with time.

In other to prevent this, homeowners are encouraged to be mindful of whom they award their roofing contracts.


Having learned of the pros and cons involved, if you want to engage in roofing projects using metal roofs in Biloxi, you might want to look out for newly constructed buildings and ask the owner about their experience with the roofer they worked with. You should be able to get a good one out of the numerous options you are likely to have compiled.

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Roofer: Shingle Vs Metal, What’s The Different?

If you are in Biloxi searching for a new roof, it is possible that you might have certain questions concerning the roof type you intend on using for your building or home. While there is nothing wrong with having a plethora of options like metal, wood, asphalt shingles, concrete or tiles, it can be quite overwhelming to consider the pros and cons of every roofing material. Thankfully, there are two market leaders, shingle and metals which make picking a material much more streamlined. The aim of this article is to highlight the characteristics of each roofing material, its advantages and its  disadvantages.

Shingle Vs Metal, What’s The Different?

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing can be described as a complicated process considering it requires experienced installers, specific techniques as well as more parts and pieces before it can become successful. In spite of all this, metal roofing is a lot more common than most people believe or think, particularly if you happen to reside in an area with extreme weather patterns such as Biloxi. There are numerous reasons as to why more homeowners are selecting metal roofing. One of them is the fact that they are able to last much longer than shingles. They also offer quite a lot of variety and versatility which other roofing types do not have. Below are the benefits associated with this wonderful roofing material.

a sheet metal roof

Advantages of Metal Roofing

It is extremely lightweight.

One of the numerous benefits associated with using metal roofing is the fact that it is extremely light. What this means is that it is much easier to transport and handle during the installation and roll forming process. Secondly, it does not weigh down the structure adding stress to it. It can also help reduce damage to the frame while preserving the building’s integrity.

It can last long

One of the biggest and most glaring differences between shingles and metal roofing is the fact thatmetal roofing has a longer shelf life. Metal roofing is expected to have a long life of about 50 yearsbefore any degradation signs begin to become apparent.

metal roof with flower


Disadvantages of Metal Roofing

Upfront costs are higher

The installation costs associated with metal roofing are much higher than shingle roofing. Not only is this down to the higher price of the materials, but it is also down to the price of the equipment and labour required to have the job completed. That being said, the source of the metal panels can have a large influence on the final costs.

A dearth of contractors qualified to carry out the installation
Being able to locate an experienced and qualified metal roofing contractor in Biloxi is a difficult task and it is an integral factor in if the installation is a success or not. This is especially true when you consider that almost all potential issues with meal roofing are a result of installation error. There are just more installers capable of installing shingle roofing than there are of those that are skilled and equipped to install metal roofing.

Shingle Roofing

All you have to do is have a look around Biloxi and other cities to notice that shingle roofs are plentiful. Shingle roofing is actually much more widespread than metal roofing. The majority of individuals simply consider shingles first when roofing as they have been the go-to choice on numerous businesses and homes for over a century. There are numerous benefits associated with installing a single roof. Let us begin with the advantages.


Advantages of Shingle Roofing

Lower upfront costs

Shingles have a much lower upfront cost compared to metal roofing. Considering the price is usually half that of metal roofing, homeowners are drawn to shingles. It is for this reason that shingles lead the race in the number of installs.

They are much easier to replace and install

Shingles do not need as much labour and time to install or replace. Majority of shingles are already pre-packaged and all the Biloxi contractor has to do is nail them to the deck. When it comes to metal roofing, the contractor would have to carefully handle the finished panels, connecting them together before screwing them onto the deck. This process is not the end as the flashing would then have to be installed. This is a process that requires labour, skill and time.
Repairs are less expensive
Just as replacement and installation is seamless, shingles are a whole lot cheaper and easier to fix should there be a critical failure. The majority of shingles are able to be removed individually near the issue source, and very few materials are required to repair.
It can handle foot traffic
One of the stellar reasons why shingles seem to get the nod in most Biloxi homes is the fact that installers are able to put their weight on walk on the shingles. When the shingles are secured to the decking, they become rigid and can be used as support by the installer or even walked on. metal roofing is unable to handle the weight as it could scuff, buckle or dent under pressure.
shingle roof with black lines


Disadvantages of Shingle Roofing

It has a short shelf life

When it comes to just how durable it is, shingles do not stand up to metal. While metal shingles can last about 50 years before the need to be replaced, shingles can last just 25 years. Tear offs, and replacements are extremely common with shingle installations.

Colour limitations

Supposed you took the time to have a look at shingle roofing houses in Biloxi, you will discover that they are very dull, dark colours. With shingles, there is little to no opportunity to make use of creative, bright, or vivid paints. This is simply because the base material used to make a shingle is asphalt, with granules of dark granite added in for UV protection, fire resistance and colour. It is for this reason that shingles are typically darker in colour. It also does not help that the granules used are unable to keep a lighter shade.